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Get ready for a prehistoric dental adventure

At Dino Dental, we care about one thing: providing the highest quality of care for our patients. From top quality equipment, to top quality staff and doctors, an extreme attention to infection control and personal protective equipment, we are at the forefront of children’s dentistry.

Our modern, clean, and innovative clinic will be sure to please. Our clinic is meant to feel clean and delight the senses – much like a dinosaur museum. We even have a velociraptor standing on the front desk. Babies, children and teens will all love their own unique and individualized experience at this one-of-a-kind lip-tie, orthodontic, and pediatric dental clinic.

Our Owner-Doctors, Dr. James and Dr. Lauren are Board Certified in their respective specialties and considered to be in the top of their field. Come! See our thoughtfully designed office to not only remain up to date but to keep the dental experience fun and family-oriented for all ages.

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