Our Staff

Our staff is highly trained to ensure your child has a safe, comfortable, and fun experience at Dino Dental! Dr. James and Dr. Lauren believe in the importance of parental involvement during the appointment, and parents are encouraged to accompany their children during their visit. We believe early detection of problems and prevention are key to maintaining a healthy smile. Our monthly “No Cavity Club” drawings reward cavity-free patients with exciting prizes!


Assistant Keeper of Healthy & Happy Patients
Aubre supports both Dr. Lauren and Dr. James with all procedures and services for both pediatric and orthodontic patients. She loves chatting with the patients and learning more about them and how to help them have a great experience. Born and raised right here in Colorado Springs, she’s recently married and she and her husband are parents to a miniature Pinscher/Rat Terrier mix named Cinnamon. Her favorite dinosaur is the big, strong T-Rex.


Manager of All Things Healthy Teeth
Jacquelyn and her husband moved to Colorado Springs because they wanted to live somewhere they’d never been before. Her favorite part of her role at Dino Dental is spending time with her patients and supporting Dr. James with frenectomies. She loves all things Disney and considers it her biggest hobby. She doesn’t have a favorite dinosaur but loves the long-necked herbivores.


Manager of Straight and Strong Smiles
Kristi works with Dr. Lauren to help support all orthodontic services. She’s married and has two teenagers and Barney is her favorite dinosaur.


Happy Patient Manager
In her role at the front desk, Lilia loves the environment and team at Dino Dental as well as the opportunity to meet and greet new patients. A Colorado Springs native, Lilia’s parents are from Eastern Europe where the majority of her family still resides. A former gymnastics instructor, Lilia is currently a student at UCCS studying communications and environmental studies. In her spare time, Lilia plays with her chocolate Labrador, Lucy. Lilia’s favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl from the Ice Age movies.


Junior Facilitator of Great Smiles
As a high school student, Mariah is thrilled for the opportunity to jump start her career under the direction of Dr. James and Dr. Lauren. She supports all dental assistant functions and her favorite part of the job is working with the smallest patients. Long-term, Mariah is seeking a career in neonatal nursing and is looking at colleges to further her education. Mariah’s favorite dinosaur is the long-necked brontosaurus.


Director of Smile Transformation
Rose loves changing patients’ smiles. As a single mom with an adult daughter, Rose shares her home with her cat Odin. A Colorado Springs native, Rose is active in sports and plays volleyball and basketball as well as scuba dives whenever she can in exotic locations throughout the world.


Head Shiny Smile Manager
Stephanie loves working with her pediatric patients to help them have the healthiest and happiest smiles. Originally from California, she lives with her family and their “zoo” of dogs, cats, and birds. Stephanie has a pet ferret and is engaged to be married. Stephanie’s favorite dinosaur is the Iguanadon from the Disney dinosaur movie.


Executive Patient Process Streamliner
In her role with Dino Dental, Beth streamlines the process for patients to receive care including managing insurance paperwork and verifications and helping parents create financial arrangements to ensure their children receive the highest quality dental care within the family budget. As a military spouse with five children, Beth appreciates the opportunity to work from her home in Washington state, while providing immediate, personal service to all patients and their families. In her rare free time, Beth enjoys watching her kids in their sporting and recreational activities and enjoying short family trips.


Chief Officer of Cuddles and Comfort
In her role, Delli is incredibly happy all day long and LOVES kids. She is very persistent and never has a bad day, but Delli only visits patients when their parents say it’s okay. She gets lonely when she is away from her favorite human in the whole world (Dr. James). Delli is excited to get ready to come to work every day, but she can only visit with our patients with advance permission from their parents.